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About Us


About Us

Jaidentalcare is a professional dental group that has 8 years of dental practices in the Coimbatore. The first location was established in June of 2007 at coimbatore City beginning with the dedication of one Dentist, one Manager and two staff members.Furthermore, jai Dental Clinics has initiated the School-Based Oral Health program “Yes for Education; No for Oral Disease” and Family Plan Membership. These programs were initiated to ensure everyone in the community receives the proper affordable dental care and raise the importance of good oral health at a very early age.Since jaidentalcare is growing significantly, manage all patients’ services and concerns. It consists of This tool is used to quanlify how well it reflects overall patient satisfaction or outcome from the viewpoint of the patient, to ensure patients gain the best service they deserve..

Who We Are

We Believe That Our Work Can Speak For Itself.

Why We Do This

All our services are aimed at providing you with more new technology treatments for patients at a lower cost per lead and higher profit margins than ever before..